NutraQ develops strong brands adapted to different target groups throughout the Nordic region and the Czech Republic.


VitaePro® is a trusted and well documented nutritional supplement containing natural strong antioxidants, vitamins and omega 3. VitaePro’s unique composition is particularly good for muscles and joint cartilage, providing the foundation for a healthier, more active and richer life.

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Oslo Skin Lab

Oslo Skin Lab® is a beauty concept with products on a subscription basis. The main product is the collagen product, The Solution, wtih proven effect on wrinkles. The collagen powder is consumed orally and benefits the skin all over the body.

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Provexin®A100HF can both prevent hair loss and help restore hair. Provexin contains ingredients that create good re-growth conditions for hair loss due to androgen alopecia (hereditary hair loss) with clinically proven results. Androgen alopecia is the most common form of unwanted hair loss and baldness and can also affect women.

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Maxulin® is a food supplement specifically designed for men. Maxulin contains the ingredient Testofen® and daily intake of this ingredient is proven to release bound testosterone into the bloodstream over time. Increased amount of free testosterone in the blood can boost strength and energy, improve physics and revive sexual desire.

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HappyMe Chewable Calamari Omega-3 is a new product with a childishly good fruit flavour! HappyMe has absolutely no bad aftertaste and is a good alternative for both children and adults. The product is based on a unique and sustainable omega-3 source from calamari. It is especially rich in fatty acid DHA, which has documented the effect on several important functions in the body. In addition, it contains the important vitamins D and E.

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