As one of the organizations main sponsors, NutraQ is supporting Zulufadder, a charity organization which supports children’s upbringing in Zululand in South Africa. The organization was founded by the Norwegian actress Mari Maurstad, in 2005.

Zulufadders objective is to create a sustainable society, and to ensure that children and young people have a better future.
They do this by:

  • Building confidence and the belief that one can achieve things
  • Helping children up so that they can become pioneering people for the rest of society
  • Give people dignity, self-esteem, activation
  • Give a boost to the schools in the area
  • Create jobs/employment
  • Initiate projects so that more people can become self-sufficient

The work is based on voluntary work and donations. The organization is built on a buddy system where the donors get involved with a particular child and donate a fixed amount per month. Considerable donations, such as the contributions from NutraQ, makes it possible to implement large projects, such as building schools and homes.