Food safety is a growing concern. Traceability is one of the central pillars in our food safety policy, and a tool we use to increase both the quality and safety of products.

The ability to track any substance in our products in all stages of production and distribution is a cornerstone in our product development requirements. Being able to trace the ingredients in the products back to its origin enables corrective actions such as a product recalls.

Our R&D and Supply Chain departments work together to ensure that the customers know what their product contains. Food chain traceability can be a complex issue and requires strict routines and document information about each batch from raw material to finished product. The system must be able to track ingredients and products one step forward and one step back at any point in the supply chain.

Traceability also enables tracking at all stages of the supply chain to ensure that products are non-GMO or if required from the customer Halal and Kosher.