NutraQ has an R&D driven product portfolio and the R&D team strives to keep itself up to date with the latest news within scientific research and regulatory affairs to deliver high-quality dietary supplements, medical devices and skin care products. We apply stringent quality and food safety criteria throughout the production chain – from the acquisition of raw material and all the way to finished product.

Our team of specialists in molecular biology, biochemistry, nutrition, and food regulations, possesses unique expertise and has practical experience in developing high-quality products with science-based claims, and we are always on the search for new sources, applications, combinations and dosages of active nutrients with beneficial health effects.

The R&D team monitors and controls the entire production process to meet the highest standards of quality, safety and purity.

Quality assurance

NutraQ`s quality control and quality assurance systems are science-based and systematically applied throughout the production chain to ensure the safety and quality of our products. Our suppliers and manufacturers follow international quality standards like GMP, BRC and ISO. All nutrients in our dietary supplements are analyzed for pesticides and heavy metals and are free from genetically modified organisms (GMO). NutraQ`s products undergo extensive testing for purity, stability, quality and quantity of the ingredients.


We are always up to date with the latest scientific research in all relevant fields, to develop products of high quality and with well-documented effects based on science. We ensure that the claims associated with our products are clear, accurate, lawful and truthful. NutraQ selects raw materials and ingredients based on documentation proving compliance with our quality standards as well as with the relevant regulatory requirements.

Regulatory affairs

NutraQ keeps track of relevant legislative amendments to ensure compliance with all the regulations and laws pertaining to the manufacturing and marketing of our products. By combining the expertise of the R&D team with our specialists within legal affairs and business development, all legal and scientific requirements are followed; from a product idea, throughout the manufacturing process, labeling and marketing of the finished product. We cooperate with national regulatory authorities on matters relevant for our business.