Sustainability is a priority for NutraQ and is a key requirement in our search for new innovative sources of ingredients and the development of leading edge products.

NutraQ takes into account a number of important factors when choosing ingredients for our products: purity, bioavailability, efficiency, safety, sustainability, and cost.

It is crucial that both harvesting and production are environmentally sustainable, not depleting or threatening any natural resources which may shift ecosystems in an unfavourable direction. Because of overfishing concerns, NutraQ is constantly searching for alternatives to fish to meet the increased demand for the omega 3-fatty acids EPA and DHA.

The main EPA and DHA source in our products is produced from the trimmings from the food production of Calamari. The most important features making squid an unique sustainable marine source for the omega 3-fatty acids DHA and EPA are the short life time span, early reproductive age, efficient food to growth rate, virtually zero by-catch and highly selective fisheries. The CalamarineĀ® is certified as sustainable by Friend of the Sea.

Our R&D department is involved in research to exploit microalgae as a source for valuable nutraceuticals. Sustainable sources of nutritional value are needed. Algae can produce and concentrate diverse nutritional components. The main focus in our research is on the powerful fat-soluble carotenoid, astaxanthin.